The Rondo Awards - Annual online awards dedicated to preserving the classic monsters!

Classic Horror Film Board - Extensive, and friendly, community for discussing all things horror and sci-fi.

DVD Drive-In  -  A great site for news on upcoming genre DVD releases.

Movie Physics - An outstanding site explaining the proper and improper use of physics in the movies!

G-Fan - The premiere magazine devoted to all things Godzilla!

Far East Monsters - Company devoted to producing high quality, licensed Godzilla-goods.



John - Home page of comic book writer (Xombie, X-Files) and Mad Scientist contributor.

The Official Fred Hembeck Web Site - Home page of one of my favorite creators.  His work was a direct inspiration for my Tales from the Lab strip in Mad Scientist.

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund  -  Home page for one of the most impportant comic-related sites on the internet. Every comics fan should have this bookmarked!

The Silver Age Marvel Comics Cover Index  -  Check out scans of your favorite '60s Marvel Comics, including many of their monster titles.

Tony's Online Tips  -  Tony Isabella is a writer who has worked on a number of comics, from Black Lightning to It, the Living Colossus to Star Wars Tales.  He also gave Mad Scientist an excellent review in his column.  Read updated and expanded versions of Tony's Tips from the Comics Buyer's Guide and participate on the message board.

The Worlds of William Stout  -  The web page of one of the world's premiere dinosaur artists.



Twilight Creations - Creators of the tile-based, survival horror series of games:  Zombies!!!

Decipher, Inc.  -  Creator of such trading card games like Star Trek, Star Wars, Jedi Knights, and the upcoming Lord of the Rings.  Check out some of the card extras from the Tatooine and Coruscant expansions written by yours truly.

HCRealms - The perfect launching point for all things HeroClix.  Be sure to make use of the forum!

MicroTactix Games - Play miniature games but hate spending $$$ on landscapes?  This site sells excellent, printable, and inexpensive paper landscapes that are highly adjustable.

Wizkids Games - Makers of games like HeroClix, Horrorclix, and Mechwarrior.  Possibly (probably) the best miniature games systems around!



The Thunder Child Interview - Interview with the publisher of Mad Scientist!

The Claw's Gothic & Horror Fonts  -  Home of many excellent downloadabble fonts.

Forrest J Ackerman's Wide Webbed World  -  Do I even need to say who this iss?  

The Jurassic Park Institute - A site run by real scientists, with a wealth of information on the world of dinosaurs!

X-Plus USA - Makers of outstanding statues and miniatures from Godzilla and Ray Harryhausen films!


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